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From Video Games to Christ

Beau Gilmore

“What do you think the purpose for living is?” What a question to ask a video game addict! For Beau, this question was one he could not ignore. Having dedicated every moment of his spare time and weekends to gaming, everything from work to his family became worthless in proportion to his love and the […]

From No Purpose to Christian

Dean Cullinane

Ever wondered what your purpose is for being on this Earth? For Dean, this question took on a whole new dimension with the knowledge that his existence came about as the product of rape. Self worth and direction were all real issues facing Dean until he found his worth was not determined by the circumstances […]

From Brain Hemorrhage to Christian

Dave Picart

Dave Picart suffered a shock and painful Brain Hemorrhage, having already been a Christian Dave new that the only person that could save him in that moment was God. God had a specific calling for Dave in his life, take a listen to this amazing story of how God worked miracles to the shock of […]

From Muslim to Christian


Which religion? From Islam, to Sikhism and Christianity, this man tried them all seeking for one thing, truth. His search lead him through many trials of the heart and of circumstances. Prison was the last place he found himself as his quest for truth continued. Yet it was there whilst wrongfully imprisoned that this man […]

From Abusive Relationships to Christian

Chantelle Henny

Are you struggling in a relationship? Feel the need to escape but just can’t bring yourself to do it? Feel like your getting deeper and deeper into sexual sins? Listen to this powerful Testimony of how Chantelle Henny swapped a life driven my man to a life filled with the love of God.

From Atheist to Christian

Christel Banks

Listen to this powerful testimony of how God changed the heart of Christel Banks who had her mind set on being an Atheist. Through life changing, powerful experiences, the love of Jesus Christ was simply too big to pass off as chance. From carbon monoxide poisoning, to doctors telling her she would never have children […]

From Rape to Christian


In the aftermath of being raped and being brought back to a place in her life where she remembered the child hood molestation she went through, God still was working on the heart of Sydney. Listen to this powerful testimony of how God can lead you from the lowest points in your life, to a […]

From Rugby to Chrisitan

Orion Ka

From a life driven by one purpose, one goal, one mentality; make it pro in Rugby League. Hear Orion Ka’s story as he found purpose in life swapping his Rugby boots for the bread of life, Jesus Christ….

From the Streets to Chrisitian

Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller was a living a life in the wrong scene, The love of the world drew him deeper and deeper into the streets. But one day a remarkable event took place in his life where he had no one to turn to but Jesus Christ. Listen to this short but powerful story of how […]

From Blindness to Christian

Neville Peter

Take a moment to listen to Neville Peter Testimony on how he found Christ. Turning fully blind at the age of 12, he battled with playing the piano and singing in the Clubs and Bars to dedicating his life to serving God…. PRAISE GOD!

From Drugs to Christian

Mark Langston

A passing thought from a caring soul sparked a fire in the heart of Mark Langston to want to know more about Jesus. Right when questions were burning his mind, Mark found answers to some of life’s deepest questions and discovered the power to help him quit his addictions and cycles of destructive habits. Do […]

From Prison to Christian

Marcus Williams

Prison was the last place Marcus Williams thought he would find God. His life revolved around the drug scene and the fast paced life style that came with it but in spite of the activities of his life, God found a way to knock on the door of his heart and show him a purpose […]

From Cancer to Christian

Angela Wright

Angela Wright shares her powerful testimony of her battle with cancer and how her faith has increased through her testing moments. Unfortunately she passed away at the end of 2012 but God had a message to share to the world through her in this short but powerful testimony..